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A brand is defined as a name, logo or symbol which is used to identify the product, but Flag-china has established them by offering the best quality of the product. We have a high spirit of innovation culture which led us obtaining a number of national invention patents.
The Flag China specializes in the production of high qualityAdvertising Flags. They also offer other products like tents, sun umbrellas, display system and banners. This craftsmanship has embarked us to 100 year journey which started all the way Germany. They have a production warehouse stretching over 40,000 meter square becoming one of the largest production facility.
The National flag of China have been developing under this brand for many decades and the team working with us is highly skilled. That's why ourStylish Banner System is successful in giving out numerous advertisement campaigns.

To win a business competition business organizations need to have brand equity and till date advertising is the most common w…


Advertising is that art which can change the fortune of any business house, whether it is a big business or a small one, every business need to advertise their product with the adequate marketing strategy so that people become aware of their product and services. The sole purpose of the organisation is not just to make product which can satisfy the need of the people but also to focus on the brand development which helps to position their product in the minds of the customer.
The flag china is such an organisation that specialized in the production of high quality Advertising Flags, tents, sun umbrellas, display system and banners. We are working for more than 100 years in the industry and offer the Quality Flagto their clients where they can embark the slogans of their product and establish the distinct image of their product and services in the market.
The Flag China has developed the National Flag of Chinaand the team working with us is highly competent working with us for more than …

Advertising flags 

Flag-China is first and the leading producer
of Outdoor Banners has offered the Advertising flags  to their clients
where they have an option to engraved their brand name and brand title and
advertise their product easily with more efficiency.