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We at Flag-china are empowering millions of both small scale and large scale enterprises to market their products and services professionally. In our wide range of superior products available at affordable price range and along with high quality design, we are embarking our customers with great quality of services to satisfy them.
We know a brand is identified or recognized through its logo, symbol or a mark to distinguish its ideologies from other businesses. Our commitment is to help in promoting partnered businesses services or products, so through our Vertical Banner which is a creative marketing opportunity through its taller and wide size ratio layout can create heightened appeal and visibility. It can elongate brand's logos and pictures which can be placed as a vertical hanging banner at places like window displays or wall racks.
At Flag China, we carry a wide ranges of Blank Flags that can be eye catching due to the fact when left blank, it can be choice for customization. T…


Founded in 1918, Flag-china is branding its eminence for over a century through its work of virtuosity. The superior production the quality of our products sets us apart from the crowd as we consider the process of artistic calling our main Phenomenon. To hold this reputation for over a century we are following an innovation culture which sets us to break old norms and techniques of producing our products and have a future perspective.
With our Standing Banner Design , it enhances visibility and creates opportunities for every small and large businesses as it offers a variety of purposes for event marketing or for promoting one's product at public spaces. For every standing banners it required to have a banner frame which holds it together. We offer a miscellany of banner frames in our product portfolio like heavy duty banner frame, standard duty banner frame, overhead banner frame or a maxi banner frame. All of our Banner frame are made high strength and durable anodized aluminum…


We at Flag-china have founded our core values for more than a century that ensures the delivering of quality products and services to our clients. With our reputation build upon the Phenomenon where we follow an innovation culture that ensures us to break old norms and techniques of producing products, helps us build our stance to be future ready.
Our establishment is a connoisseurs of quality and in our big portfolio of products we offer quality Vertical banners. These banners can offer a whole creative marketing opportunities for many businesses through its taller and wide size ratio and its layout is suited to more elongated brand logos and pictures. These can be placed as vertical hanging banners at various locations like wall racks, behind the check out counters and window displays.

The Outdoor flagscan be an ultimate option that'll make your advertisement or your brand's image noticed outdoors. These flags are produced upon a bold and stylish design that can give your bra…


We at Flag China have fine polished our skills to create high quality products which are consumer middling and desirable. Our reputation is build upon our highly acclaimed innovation culture, where our objective is to break barriers of old norms and techniques as we want to be future ready. To make ourselves a good quality establishment we rely upon customer satisfaction by fulfilling deliveries on time and offering quality controlled products.
With having the biggest production facility which is stretching over 40,000 m2 helps us produce millions of products in house with the help of our hardware systems. We fulfill huge surplus demand of Outdoor Fabric on daily basis for our clients. Our fabrics go through such manufacturing process that gives them more strength and durability in nature. We make our fabrics from acrylic - coated polyester, olefin, canvas and vinyl-coated synthetic fiber mesh.
A brand is identified by its symbol, mark or a logo that companies use to distinguish their p…


Brand refers to the eminence which is attached with its name which sums up its name and reputation. This is the phenomenon we Flag-china work upon where we manufacture high quality products to ensure our customers with a level of satisfaction and reliance upon our services. We have a high spirit of innovation culture that makes us future ready. Thus obtaining a number of ISO and DIN certificates have motivated us to produce more and number quality products, which no other competitors can match with.
With having the biggest production facility across the globe, we are able to produce millions of Advertisingflags for companies to promote their products. These flags come in the most shapes and sizes where we print custom graphics of highest quality to attract more customers towards one's products and services.
One thing that has embarked an enormous demand for our services is that we produce quality National flags of any country. We know it is patriotic to hold their country's nat…