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We Manufacture High Quality Advertising Parasols

We Flag-china are the pioneers of manufacturing advertising products and in our product portfolio we produce advertising sun umbrellas with the same expertise that is used to construct professional umbrellas. The materials of the umbrellas are made of stable to UV light materials and are capable of providing maximum resistance in adverse weather conditions.
All our advertising is umbrellas are meant to be Windproof Umbrellas as the construction of the fabrics we at Flag-china use the same construction technique used in professional umbrellas, with high-strengthen threads, with a vent on the top and screws installed on both top and bottom of the fabric which ensures high strength of our umbrella when is it stressed by strong winds. So with our Advertising Sun Umbrellaswe use high quality digital printing inks in modern digital printing machines to print high quality of logo and advertisements for our customers. We also use silkscreen printing technique with special two component inks th…

Create Your Own Custom Personalised Flag

We at Flag-china believes in delivering our products to our customers through superior services and pricing as customer satisfaction plays a significant role in our vision as we want to be the industry leaders. For almost 100 years, we have been offering screen-printing and digital printing to construct beautiful designs containing only the most vibrant of the colors. We have a professional team of flag makers that makes our customers better understand their personalized Custom Flags from when they place their order till throughout the entire manufacturing process until they receive the end product.
In our product portfolio we offer digitally printed Olympic flagswhich are made of woven polyester flag fabric, the highest quality of fabric available for outdoor flag making. As we are one of the official flag makers in China, in our design we especially take care to stitch the exposed sides of the flag with a strong durable hem, fitted with our custom white, red and blue stitched headban…


Flag-china was established with a vision to capture both online and offline retail markets where every small or large enterprise can promote their products and services through our platform. With over 100 years of experience in the industry and through our state of the art printing technology on high quality fabrics, we offer our products at affordable prices. Our focus is to deliver quality, value and services through our Performs where we continue to provide highest quality and lowest priced products which generates the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Every enterprise can boost their sales, provide information or attract attention through our Beach flags. These flags are made from high quality polyester fabrics offering a fresh, trendy and eye catching appearance. The flags come in various models depending upon one’s requirement and can be ideal for events, exhibitions and activities and are UV resistant i.e. the colors on the flag remains crisp for a long time.

In our product…
Flag-chinais the premier manufacturers of flags throughout the globe. Our close attention to detail and our superior services have made this brand name the leader of the industry. Since our establishment in 1918, our policies and our way of working around have remained unchanged, but through following an innovation culture have resulted in a good futuristic elucidation.
With our Advertising flags business advertisements can form in various shapes and sizes. This makes it convenient for all types of occasions and events for the sole purposes of marketing and promoting one’s products and services. These flags are creating heightened visibility and various opportunities for many small and large enterprises to attract much larger number of consumers. The flag is made from such taunt material and design that it can withstand windy weathers. The advertisements on the flags are printed digitally and are water-resistant, which is really important for anything whose sole purpose is to be used …