Violent Wind? Soil Too Hard? We Have The Solution!

As one of the most professional manufacturers and suppliers of Beach flag design in china, we bring here high quality sublimation display flags at good price. Our flags and beach flags are delivered, free of charge, with a cross leg (sometimes accompanied by a ballast) or a drilling foot. We also offer a sail post, a water tank 24 liters and a square base available in 3 different weights.
We detail you below, the different systems and their main features, to help you make the right choice. But before that here is some brief information about flags types:-
·Flag Drop
The Drop Flag offers an interesting shape and is available in several sizes. It seduces by its asymmetrical shape and its large printing surface. In addition, it is easy to transport and assembles quickly. Its "drop" shape allows it to expand perfectly without wrinkling, ensuring an optimal reading of your advertising message.
·Wing Flag
This banner, which takes the form of a shark fin, is one of the best sellers…

Easy to assemble, lightweight, portable Garden Flags

The Garden Flags are smaller flags that can be conveniently displayed in your garden, lawn, balcony, road or patio on masts, wall fans or bets. They have patterns printed on high-quality polyester fabric using a sublimation process that guarantees color accuracy and depth much more than traditional printing processes. Sublimation heat printing provides accurate replication of details in artwork. Custom-made flags are weatherproof and durable. These Garden flags wholesale are easy to maintain because they can be washed and ironed.

Normally, our wholesale garden flag is printed with a silk screen. This is based on the advantages of screen printing:
It does not refer to the size and shape of the substrate, the general printing only in the plane, not only in the screen printing in the plane, can also be formed in special shapes, such as spherical surface printing, there are shapes All can be made by screen printing.
1.Small soft print layout, soft and flexible screen.
2.Strong ink coverage…

The Advertising Feather flag: The Versatile Advertising Medium

Do you want to draw attention to your event or company? At flag-china your Advertising feather flags is printed with durable, weather-resistant materials, so it stays in perfect condition no matter the weather. The guarantee of the best prices in china. Order your feather flags now! Our flags are printed on the front that is 95% translucent, so your visual will be visible on the back too!

Advertising flags, flying flags, wind flags, etc. are effective and economical advertising and signage devices. The personalized feather flag is ideal for all types of business: it reflects a dynamic and modern image.
With its sleek, slender shape, the drop-shaped advertising flag lets your visual creations be visible from afar, indoors and outdoors. The main asset of the Advertising feather flags is its versatility. Indeed, you can use it for advertising purposes at the point of sale, signage or for event communication both indoors and outdoors.
To adapt the advertising flag to the environment in which…

Flag-China Outdoor Business Flags -The Secret of a Successful Communication!

Outdoor flag is a medium of communication which makes it possible to put forward the visual identity of your company inexpensively with a touch of freshness and modernity. We produce Outdoor promotional flags, municipal and city flags, flags for organizations, clubs and institutions, state flags and much more. With our many years of manufacturing experience, you will always get the flags made with the most appropriate technology with full, saturated colors, high quality printing and long life, even when wearing out in demanding weather conditions.

The beautifully rolling Outdoor business flags on the masts decorate a great arrival to your business. Bright and clean flags are the best business card and catch the eye of every passerby. It also helps customers find you better. Flags will appropriately support the strength of your brand and work for you to raise awareness of it and its significance. Instructions for the use, maintenance and care of flags: USE:
·The flag must move freely so …

Flag-china Custom Flags Made of High Quality Solid and Durable Fabric

We always believe that all the success of our company is directly linked to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements, we have been promoted to the presidential campaign, and quality is absolutely no problem. One of the official symbols representing the country on the domestic and international scene is the custom flag.

Our product
1 banner
2 Flags
3 stickers
4 light box
5 Expose a banner stand
6 Shield label and cut-out
We supply all kinds of Custom garden flags and banners around the world to a wide range of companies worldwide, from large multinational companies to small individual companies.
Product application
Our advertising products are widely used in the following place, such as the exhibition and advertising industry
·Exhibition or trade show,
·Party and family festival,
·Any place you can use for your ad,
All of our Custom garden flags are easy to use, easy to install, deliver great results, it's easy to attract customers' attent…

Flag-China Is a Wholesale Manufacturer and Distributor of Premium Quality Banner Flag in China

Flag-China is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of premium quality Banner flag in china and coordinating products & we strive to provide quality products at great prices with unmatched customer service. Our company artwork is printed on flag design for National flag display that is both adorable and beautiful! With designs for every flag theme, and Flag-china is sure to offer the perfect decorative accent for your country.

Buy Quality banner in china for less from our store, the largest online supplier of banners and flags. Advertising flags serve purposes other than corporate flags, so we don't confuse them. The goal of an advertising flag, displayed outdoors (outdoor advertising) or inside, is to attract the attention of a walking pedestrian or a passing motorist. Flag china is one of the best Flag and Banner China Company in the world, but we don’t stop there. We also offer a complete collection of flags and banners. The advertising flag informs you of a particular …

Raise Your Brand Awareness by Our Unique and Eye-Catching Beach Flags

Do you need an engaging ad for your company's exterior or interior, festival, concert, fair, sports match or other action? Do you want to raise your brand awareness and support building it? Unique and eye-catching flags today represent the best business card because it easily captures the eye of passers-by and attracts attention.

Beach banner flag used for advertisement are also known as bow flags, or wing wings. You can find them at both indoor and outdoor expositions. As one of the many advantages of these winged men, their height can be over 4 meters. This will ensure everyone can see your presentation. Below you will find useful information that you should know about the wings of the flags. It is a flexible but very durable rod on which is printed a lightly transparent fabric. The whole system is resistant to rain and strong winds, depending on the selected base. In our offer you will find two shapes of these beach flags ·the first one reminds you of a drop or a tear ·The second…