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“Advertising tends to be the most effective in jogging finally into action those people who are well enough disposed towards a product but have not yet got around to buying”. – By Stephen King. Indeed, advertise can able to do wonder for the company and leads to the manifold increase in the sales and revenue if it is implemented adequately. All the resources would go in vain if the product is not advertised properly as people may not aware of product and services without a proper advertising plan. The fourth element of marketing mix i.e. Promotion plays a crucial role to get the wider reach of the business and that’s the reason that every business house need a specialist services of advertise agency.

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Advertising is that powerful tool of the business which can change the fortune of if it plans accordingly. The man who stops advertising to save money is the man who stops the clock to save the time. Money spend on the advertising is not an expense but an investment which will have long term implication on the business. Be it a small scale industry or a large scale, every firm need to advertise their products or services to aware the prospective consumers in the market. In the marketing process, promotion plays a crucial role as it is the pillar on which the whole marketing campaign depends, no matter how god the product is if it is not advertised with an adequate plan then resources on a product would go in vain.

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“Advertising tends to be the most effective in jogging finally into action those people who are well enough disposed towards a product but have not yet got around to buying”. – By Stephen King. In this modern era, the concept of market is shifted from the selling approach to marketing approach that means now the product is not sell in the market but they are bought by the customers on the basis of product benefits and creative advertising. A good advertising is always can do the wonder for the organisation as it has the potential to attract the prospective customers and for this business houses need the support of the advertising agency to boost the sale of their products and earn more profit.
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The world in which we are living is becoming more modern than ever, almost every other has been changed but the thing is that is not changed so far is “Pride”. Pride of being superior in the market and offer the maximum satisfaction to their customer is what makes business different from the others. The importance of Advertising in today’s world is increasing as now products are not being sold but they are purchased by the customers, it means that there is shift from the selling concept to the marketing concept.
The fourth and last element of Marketing i.e. Promotion is of prime importance as in includes the advertising, an art which can change the fortune of the business and lead to manifold increase in the revenue and profit. Even if you offer the best product in the market but people may not aware of that then there is no such use of product.
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