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Flag-China Prints on High Quality Satin Materials to Give the Flags A Gorgeous Shine

Image is one of the leading Flag manufacturers in china as well as the manufacturer of advertising printed items. We very well know to the fact that in today's dynamic times, the visibility of the company or their product is a vital part of the marketing strategy. We therefore offer our customers unique services for indoor or outdoor presentation of a company or product.

Most of our co-workers have many years of experience in the production and production of flags since 1993. Under extreme efforts of our whole team, company has been developing steady and healthily. Relying on advanced management and technology, customer-orientated business philosophy, good credit, company has been ranked as one of world top in Quality flag chinaand marketing share. Our team's priority has always been the product quality and customer satisfaction. Our main products include banners, tents, table covers, chairs, advertising, feather flags and National flags. We supply them with all accesso…

Flag China That Retains Lightness and Easy To Assemble Flag Attributes

We are a Flag maker china company that offer a modern, dynamic advertising medium designed for indoor and outdoor advertising that draws attention to its shape.

The flag mast is made of flexible fiberglass parts, which guarantees:- ·High resistance ·strength ·flexibility ·Long life for the mast.  It is lightweight, easy to assemble and retains flag attributes. Its shape is unprecedented and always attracts the attention of your clients. We have two basic shapes: the shape of the HANDS or the shape of the Wing. We supply masts in several sizes XXS-XL. The masts are supplied with different types of rooftop supports according to the use of a mast in the interior or exterior. The mast is designed for sports demonstrations, shops, fast advertising, and wherever you want to be seen. We manufacture 100% PES warp knitted fabric weighing approx. 120 g / m2. Printing is done by digital printing, in larger series by screen printing. These materials and technologies guarantee high stability in weath…

Flag China Is the Ultimate Car Flags Wholesale Suppliers

Custom car flagsare the ideal means of advertising for new and used car dealers, car rentals, but also for fan clubs, sports matches, etc. Car flag can be printed with the company logo, sports club, but also state flag or customer information etc.
Drop - This type of Car flag ensures visibility and legibility of the advertising motif even in the cold. This is a drop-shaped flag holder that attaches to the top edge of the car's side window.
Straight flag - this is a plastic holder with a rectangular flag of approximately 30 x 20 cm or 40 x 30 cm. This Custom made car flags is designed to be attached to the top edge of the car's side window. The construction is white; the stick length is 33 or 43 cm.
Fixing both types of Car flags is very simple and fast. Open the side window, fit the flag holder on the top of the Glass, and closes the window. Car flags are only for standing cars.

Some point’s need that should be kept in mind before using car flags and banners:-
The Cars flag …

Flag china gives you the perfect finish and a professional appearance

Are you looking for more visibility of your organization at events or at your store? A beach flag can represent the logo of your organization in a fun and striking way. Of course you can also put a different design on the flag.
Teardrop flag bannersare clearly visible, easy to place and stand out. Beach flags are, as the name already betrays, originally used on the beach. Because of the shape and attachment the flag stands firm and is resistant to the strong wind blowing on the beach. Nowadays the beach flag is also used outside the beach for commercial purposes. Because of the striking shape they are excellent to attract attention at events, shops, trade fairs and outdoor communication. A beach flag can be seen from afar and can help, for example, to recognize the status of your company.
We deliver the beach flags as a complete set with a flex mast, pedestal and a carrying bag. This gives you the advantage that the beach flag is easy to transport and set up. All our Teardrop flag desi…