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We are a professional textile printing enterprise specialized in the production of high quality in banners, display systems, advertising flags and many more products. We have a high spirit of following an innovation culture as we want to break the old techniques and become future ready. With Flag China one can create a custom flag from scratch with our fully responsive Flag Designer tool. You'll have different and a variety of color options to create an unprecedented design to match your needs. We will deliver with the product with the exact design and color as it holds so much value to us.
So do match your ideas with our Flag maker and we will deliver the product with topmost quality one can never think of.

A brand is an identifying symbol, mark or logo that companies use to distinguish their thoughts and ideas from others. With our Beach flag designer feature many companies have used it to print their ideas on it as to promote their products and services to a large number of peopl…


We manufacture such products where we constantly assure that they are consumer acceptable and are more desirable in nature making Flag-china such a quality establishment in this industry. We have a high spirit of following an innovation culture to make us ready for the future ahead. Through this we have obtained a number of ISO and DIN certificates , which helps in making more quality products which no other competitor can thrive upon.
We have the biggest production facility in the globe, ranging 40,000 m2 across the land of China. In which we have crafted a number of fabrics and hardware products but nothing comes closer near this as we are an authentic manufacturer China's Flag.
In our big product portfolio we also offer Feather flagswhere you advertisers can set them as a banner pole at any beach. These banners are engineered in such a way that it can withstand the nature forces of rain, wind and even snow.

The product we excel in is our Stylish Banner System. It is the product s…


A brand is an identifying symbol, mark, logo, name that companies uses to distinguish their products from the rest of the crowd. These elements utilized together one unified entity. This can also be said about Flag-China who is a professional textile printing enterprise in the production of high quality advertising flags, tents, sun umbrellas, display system and banners.
Nowadays, the most effective ways of promotion is through an advertisement. It can be said as one such tool which can change the present and the future of any business entity whether is it small or big. We are that one brand who is an expert and the experienced in this industry as our history backs to more than 100 years.
Firstly our Stylish-banner-system which has been the most used technique in the past due to the fact it has created so many successful advertising campaigns.

We are only one among the many to produce such high quality National flagsthat embarked such enormous demand among the customers as they feel more…


A brand is a product, service or a concept which is publicly distinguished from the other ones, and one can even say Flag-China is that brand who has established themselves with the quality of product they offer. With our high spirit of innovation culture, we have obtained a number of national invention patents and we even have a number of ISO and DIN certified certificates.
In this modern era, advertising can be said as one such tool which can change the future of any business and advertising is that one marketing strategy that makes people aware about one such product and services. So, we are that brand which specializes in making such products that helps other business to promote their activities. This promotion of other's business activities started all the way back in 1918 and has been growing ever since.
Firstly, we specialize in crafting high quality Advertising flagswhich comes in most shapes and sizes and are mainly used as promotional banners with a custom printed graphic …