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Flag china which is a very famous name in China, we are a professional and one of the leading textile printing enterprises across the world. We at Flag China are specialized in the field of production of high quality flags, tents, sun umbrella, display systems and banners from many years. We have our own productions of high quality fabrics and hardware systems and also digital display. We are one of the finest and oldest companies in this field having greater than 100 year experience staring from 1918.We are proudly serving the whole world with our services with special focus on the top quality our products. In china only, we have huge area of 40.000m² for production that shows our focus on producing high quality of products in china.

Our Products

We manufacture and deliver high quality of advertisement flags, tents, sun umbrellas, display systems and banners in china. We are also in the manufacturing of high quality national flags in china. In china, since the starting of our production, we are the leading company who deliver china in country flag and china in flag symbol and China Flag Banner. While making the flag we always keep in mind that a flag is a national symbol and it is always attached to the pride and honor of the nation. In Flag china, a flag is always created as per the commands and directions of the Chinese government as it should not be diverted to its originality. So we use high quality of our own manufactured fabrics and also china national colors kept should be properly provided in the flag as per the directions, so that every citizen always feels proud when he hold his national flag banner or the national flag of china.

China Flag Banner
China Flag Banner

We are also in manufacturing business of Digital Display in china, we manufactures high quality of digital display. These displays are manufactured as per the requirement and as per the taste of the business of the client, so that it may look more attractive and attract attentions of the people or customer towards the product.
So whenever you need to buy Chinese flag or high quality digital displays just go to


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