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Flag-china which is a renowned company in China, we are one of the leading professional and leading textile printing enterprise across the world. We at Flag China are specialized in this field of producing high quality flags, tents, sun umbrella, display systems, event banners and simple and digital banners since many years. We have our own top quality production of high quality of fabric, hardware system and also digital display. We are oldest and finest companies in this field in china having more than 100 years of experience starting from 1918.We are proudly serving the whole world with our high quality services with special focus on producing top quality of products. In china only, we have huge area of 40.000m² for production that shows our focus on producing high quality of products especially in china.

Our Products

We manufacture and deliver high quality of advertisement flags, tents, sun umbrellas, display systems and printed and digital banners in china. We are also in the manufacturing of high quality flag, flag designer and event banner in china. In china, we are the leading company who deliver flag, flag designer and event banners since the starting of our production.

Our Best flag company designs the flags with ease and taking care of all the necessary guidelines so that we may produce high quality flags and make whole china proud.
Our Event Banners are a new and unique indoor and outdoor display solution with different and unique features and they are also very attractive. Our Event Banner china display combine high visibility and movement that attracts the attention of the people easily.

Best flag company
Best flag company 

Key Features of Our Event Banner

·        In Event Banner, high attractiveness

·        In Event Banner, branding is the perfect eye level to attract attention 

·        In Event Banner, fabrics are interchangeable - update you message with ease 

·        In Event Banner, easy to use indoor and outdoor.

So whenever you need to buy customized Event Banner of high quality just go to 



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